KSRTC Information System

2015 / Information system design for Kerala State Road Transport Corporation

Problem statement

To design an information system for Kerala State Road Transport Corporation and thereby improve overall operational efficiency and stakeholders’ experience. 


For one of my past projects, ‘SRTC buses in India,’ I plotted the state-wise SRTC financial performance data in Tableau and derived the insight that the majority of SRTCs in India are operating at a loss.

KSRTC operational performance data

A qualitative study has been made to observe the behavioral patterns of passengers in various instances before they start their journey in a bus. I have tried to observe and understand the people in bus stand such as passengers, drivers, conductors and other employees of bus station. An observation checklist was made before visiting the field of research. A small mobile camera was used to photograph and notes were taken down immediately after visiting the locations.

Photographs from Aluva bus depot
  • How people behave at bus stations
  • What happens in a typical day of key stakeholders
  • How people interact or they do not
  • To observe their body language
  • In what language do they talk
  • Group formation among people
  • Are there any patterns of behaviour among people
  • Are there any exceptions
  • Why do they prefer bus over other means of transport
  • Name ,Age
  • Occupation
  • Route of Travel
  • Frequency of travel
  • Which type of bus do u prefer?
  • How often do u miss the bus?
  • Do you have a smartphone?
  • What would you like KSRTC to improve?
  • Other Comments?
Static time tables at depots
Primary stakeholders
  • Station Master
  • Bus Driver
  • Bus Conductor
  • Passengers
Secondary stakeholders
  • Administration
  • Maintenance Staff
  • Office Staff
  • Fleet Utilisation 
  • No: of schedules
  • No: of Routes
  • Route Distance
  • Location of the bus
  • Gross Kilometres Operated
  • Ridership : Passengers carried
  • Average commuter density in each bus
  • Fuel Efficiency
  • Earnings per bus per kilometre
Existing technology: Current ETM and android app.
Station master
  • To know the next approaching bus and make space for active parking in the depot
  • To know the operational efficiency of each bus at the depot.
  • To know the commuter density of each route and allocate buses in real time.
Bus staff
  • To maintain time
  • Location of the previous and next bus on the same route
  • where to park the bus when it approaches depot.
  • To know the real time location of their bus 
  • Seat Availability in ordinary buses
  • Timing of the bus


UI Concept – SMO Dashboard – High fidelity wireframes
UI Concept – Passenger app – High fidelity wireframes
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