Various years / Identity


2015 – Dexlock – AI Consulting and Advanced Data Solutions

A logo designed for an AI+ML startup. Dex is cited as a fraction, making it the value’s more precise log base 10. The keyword ‘dexlock’ is represented by a binary representation of 1 & 0 locked in a square, and also depicts a person with a raised hand, indicating that we’re ready to solve this, we’re there for you.

Logo on white background
Logo on dark background
Tee mockup

PI Beam Labs

2013 – PI Beam Labs – IIT Madras

Logo designed for a simulation and FEM firm based at the IIT Madras Incubation Center.


2009 – Logo for Ernakulam District Chess Association.

The graphic depicts white and black knights.


2009 – Portuspine Logo

Logo design for Portuspine iOT app.

On white logo
Inverted logo
Portuspine Brochure & Visting Card Mockup


2009 – Redfly LED Signage

Logo design for LED signage ad firm. The logo depicts a red fly created using LED dots.

Out of the Box

2014 – The logo design and naming of the design studio discussion area.

The idea of the logo is based on ying yang symbol of two opposing metaphors that define all phenomena on earth, as in a discussion.

Logo mockup on glass
Slides from the presentation
Final concept

My Panacea

2009 – Logo for My Panacea Publishers

Logo designed for Kerala based book publishers. The graphic depicts a panacea leaf with a resemblance to the first letter ‘P’


2006 – Whiskey Point Pub

Logo designed for a european style pub. The letter ‘w’ being depicted like a whiskey bottle juxtaposed with a condensed font.


2008 – Sanathana Arts and Sports Week 2008 Logo

Logo designed for hostel day at Cochin University. The graphic represents 3 guys (representing 3 floors of the hostel) holding hands together in a circle, which also forms an ’08’ in the middle to represent the year 2008.

Saspow 08 Logo
T shirt design


2009 – Blanke Transports

Logo designed for a german trucking company.

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