Instructional Illustrations

2014 / Information Design / A4 Low-cost Paper, Black & White Print

How to build a paper jet (A4 print)
How to take a print out


Objective: Create an instructional illustration for assembling and disassembling a DJ headphone.

Step1: Carry out the action and take as many photographs as you can from all angles.

Step 2: All of the images should be tested with users before choosing the ones with the best viewpoint and clear action.

Step 3: Make a basic prototype sheet with one best photo from each stage, as shown below.

Prototype sheet with photographs

Step 4: Test the prototype sheet again with the users. Make necessary changes as per the feedback.

Step 5: Once the prototype sheet has been approved, begin illustrating the actions to create the final sheet for printing. 

Final Poster: How to build and dismantle a DJ headphone
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