The Lamborghini Story

2015 / Interface design based on a narrative

I am an ardent fan of Lamborghini Design & Style. This is a fun project that shows a short history of Lamborghini, how the company came into existence, and lists major production cars. I also tried to explore parallax scroll animations, which were a trend at the time.


The narrative data was collected from various sources such as Lamborghini’s official website, fan pages, and wiki. The quantitative data was collected from sites and compiled into a table.

Lamborghini timeline data

Wireframes were created on paper. Initial digitized wireframes had a horizontal timeline.

Initial wireframes

Visual Design

Intro UI
Lamborghini Countach – GIF animation
Lamborghini Miura Timeline
Lamborghini Tractors Timeline

Prototype Link

  • Recommended resolution: 1920X1080
  • Not a responsive design.
  • Please visit the microsite from a laptop.
  • Opens in a new window.

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